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TWN creates impactful programs which enhance productivity through motivational expertise and program development for individuals, companies and teams.


“During my +30 years as a clinical and organizational psychologist, I have used testing as a tool to assist others in gaining greater insight for desired changes. Realizing that too many existing tests need training to interpret, innovative technologies have allowed the TWN teams' intellectual properties to create the CMA as our foundation to increase overall organizational intelligence.”


-Robert Heller PhD Co-Founder

Dr. Robert Heller

Dr. Robert Heller has always had research interests which focused around personality factors and life success. His doctoral work was on the effect of organizational climate/culture and personality on the success of companies. This work was furthered by developing personality profiling systems for U.S. franchises to help them recruit and select individuals who best fit into their operations. Applying the same strategy, Dr. Heller has developed a process to better understand individuals and how they can be more effective and successful in meeting personal goals, managing others, and determining other barriers to goal adherence.

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About Dr. Heller

Lenny LaCour

With Lenny LaCour’s more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry and his current focus assisting organizations in creating wellness programs that educate and engage employees to live healthier lives, his partnership with Dr. Heller was instinctive. They joined forces to simplify and automate Dr. Heller’s profile and analysis system to deliver results both individually and comparably for all.

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About Lenny LaCour

Marie Mozzi

Marie’s experience as a mentor, coach, and trainer was a perfect fit into TWN. She has embraced and defined the role of a leader through her personal life and professional career. She has worked with corporations, business owners, military and trained others to unleash and produce unprecedented results. She creates unique programming, customer service initiatives, and leadership programming to improve company revenue streams and overall productivity.
A competitive athlete herself, she has taught her the meaning of mastery as well as positive problem-solving, through implementing techniques and training beyond traditional measures.

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About Marie Mozzi