The Core Motivation Analysis

The Core Motivation Analysis is a 66-item test that assesses one's PERSONALITY TRAITS, what motivates you, your THINKING AND BEHAVIOR STYLES, and how you act on information. Most importantly, the results provide a clear understanding of how to manage, motivate and develop those you have invested in!

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Insight for Personal and Professional Relationships

The analysis provides you with clear information about a person with insight on how they may function as a partner or team player, and better clarifies the individual's most effective role. The analysis also helps answer many questions including:

  • What are their motivators? What attributes help them succeed? What stops them from going forward?
  • How do they choose a partner in business or relationships?
  • How should a boss, mentor, or partner best direct them to help maximize their abilities?
  • What is the best fit between them and the work environment, company, and team?

Meet your people

Although you may understand the true nature of the job, you still need to get to the true nature of the candidate. Using the Core Motivation Analysis system, you can understand if there is a fit between the individual’s personality and the position they are applying for.


Our automated “success” template delivers immediate results, so you can quickly compare multiple applicants.


You’ll be able to create a meaningful approach to best manage people and maximize the desired outcome!

Gain confidence on how to read yourself and others

The Core Motivation Analysis makes sense for:

  • Identifying the most appropriate partner, employee, or team member
  • Discovering how you fit and how to be better managed
  • Learning how you can support others in the most effective way

The Core Motivation Analysis is affordable and priced for individuals, small businesses, and corporate usage.

Note: results for business and corporate accounts go directly to the purchase agent.