Take advantage of a New Paradigm of Positive Workplace Change

Compared with traditional office experiences, remote working requires a new model of effort on everyone's part.

We give people the tools, coaching, and mentoring you need to be more successful as individuals and in teams.


The foundation of TWN programs is our fully automated Core Motivation Analysis.

TWN has solutions to help you in making challenging but educated and structured decisions, using organizational intelligence

  • Getting others to hear, listen, and follow through
  • Creating effective teams and groups
  • Improving and managing relationships

TWN Development Programs

TWN programs work exceptionally well within all levels of the organization, franchise, association, and office. TWN can provide you a multi-layered strategy for your brand and endeavors. Here are several of our key customizable platforms. Talk to us to see how these programs apply to you!

Team Building and Skill Development - create solid performing teams by:

  • Assessing your audience and defining how to group and manage them
  • Creating unified high-performing groups by matching needed traits
  • Maximizing their impact by positioning the right people together

Successful Selection and Retention Models - are accomplished by:

  • Identifying the key determinates of job success
  • Creating a Biodata template by assessing the top and bottom performers
  • Developing a program for successful retention placement, re-positioning and team building

Coaching Individuals - enhance performance and effectiveness by:

  • Providing insight and creating successful strategies for individuals and their managers
  • Strengthening skills of new managers, project leader's sales, etc.
  • Creating performance improvement programs for those with potential